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Healthy cooking

The video template will help you to create a design for a healthy cooking and culinary show. Includes many separate,high-resolution vegetables and fruits. Perfect for TV, YouTube channel, website. Modern bright design template allows you to beautifully present the recipe for any dish. Template is prepared in such a way that the process of adding recipes and cooking videos, was simple and easy.


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Football vs Food. How much do children know about healthy eating?

Children know lots about football, but how much do they know about healthy eating? We teamed up with our #EatLikeAPro Ambassador and FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué, Barça Foundation and UNICEF to find out. 80% of children would eat healthier if they know their heroes do!

Check out to find out more about children’s healthy eating habits!

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STOP getting BORED eating healthy food everyday.

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If you tired of eating the same ole health food, it’s important to add variety. No only will it help you stay motivated to eat well, it will also give you a greater variety of nutrients and positively impact your health, metabolism and cognitive performance. There are many ways to add variety to your healthy meal prep, whether it’s alternating protein, carbs, veggies and fats or simple methods like using different spices and superfoods. Try this when you’re sick and tired of eating the same food everyday and you demand better health food variety.

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Healthy Food (TheCartoonMan12 Crossover)

Dedicated to NickyHelp, tom radloff, strongdrew941, ZacTheBear SurmanReturns2nd, & JimmyandFriends 29.

– Healthy Food

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[HD 1080p] Subliminal Healthy Eating for a Better Life

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Tired of being a slave to nasty non healthy fast food and junk? Break the habit, break the addiction with this Subliminal Healthy Eating Reprogramming. As part of the “Live Healthy – Live Happy Series” exclusively from

(Use Headphones)

Scripts Used:
I enjoy eating healthy food everyday
I love eating foods that are healthy for me
My body craves healthy food
I regularly eat fresh fruit and vegetables
Healthy foods revitalize my body

Healthy foods boost my energy and bring me happiness
Everyday I am eating healthier and healthier
I eat natural and healthy foods
My diet is balanced and I feel wonderful
I feel more energetic when I eat healthy foods

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SUMMER VLOG 1| Healthy food, fitness, etc. JAMIE STEP

My first Summer Vlog!
I am excited to start vlogging and showing you guys what I do and eat in my day! Sometimes it is hard to eat healthy while in summer, but I will show you ways you can eat a healthy lifestyle, while still treating yourself! Remember, Live a Lyfe you Love!
xoxo- Jamie


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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Hey babes! Today’s video is a small grocery haul from Sam’s Club and Walmart with some of my must haves and some of my toddler’s favorites. Hope you guys enjoy it and let me know if you have any questions XOXO
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